Introducing "The Book of Bullshit"

Hallucination Theory

By Spencer Gold, originally released in May 2020

 Order a paperback copy of Hallucination Theory on Amazon
Paperback copies of Hallucination Theory are available at Amazon


  1. Develop the ability to dehypnotize yourself and others from bad hallucinations.
  2. Nonchalantly navigate problems, create win-win solutions, and be affirmed from within.
  3. Become conscious of unconscious processes and recognize the roles each character is playing.
  4. Learn how to frame your experiences in the most beneficial ways imaginable.
  5. Utilize the power of good hallucinations to improve your well-being and actualize your potential.


When an idea is hallucinogenic, it is not only believable, it is life-changing. Every idea, ranging from God, to anxiety, to self-consciousness, is a form of hallucinogenic stimuli capable of altering an individual’s entire experience of life. By expanding your definition of hallucinations, you can develop the ability to see the invisible forces pulling everyone's strings.

In Hallucination Theory, Spencer Gold presents a philosophy that provides more than just the tools required to become aware of hallucinogenic stimuli — he also supplies the techniques needed to frame and leverage hallucinogenic stimuli to your benefit.

The study of hallucinations is of the utmost importance, because hallucinogenic ideas govern imaginations and nations alike. In exploring the connection between hallucinations and mental governments, Gold has invented a model that defines how each individual’s subjective experience influences our shared culture.

By thoroughly analyzing how hallucinations hack our perceptions and alter our experiences of reality, Gold has pulled back the curtain to expose the inner workings of the human character.

Hallucination Theory dispenses the answers to many of life’s most profound questions, including...

  1. Why do we exist?
  2. What is reality?
  3. Who are we?
  4. What is the antidote to self-consciousness?
  5. Why is our experience subjective?
  6. How do our subjective experiences influence our shared culture?
  7. What is the battle of perceptions?
  8. How do we transcend the battle of perceptions?
  9. Why was the idea of God invented?
  10. How are feelings formed?
  11. How are thoughts structured?
  12. What creates the constitution of our conscience?

And many more... 

Paperback copies of Hallucination Theory are available at Amazon